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NYC Apartment of 77 Square Feet Rented for $2,350 Per Month.

This 77-square-foot NYC apartment rented for $2,350/month

This 77-square-foot NYC apartment rented for $2,350/month

New York City’s Manhattan is infamous for its expensive real estate prices. In April, rents hit an all-time high of $4,200 per month, and even lower-priced listings come with hefty price tags. However, a particular apartment in Greenwich Village has gone viral on social media, and not for the right reasons.

Listed at $2,350 per month, the empty third-floor apartment seems like a possible bargain. However, there’s a catch – the 77-square-foot space doesn’t even have a bathroom. Instead, tenants are expected to share one in the hallway with other occupants. The apartment was marketed as a “perfect starter apartment,” but many found the lack of basic amenities to be shockingly disproportionate to the rent.

Last December, a viral TikTok video by Douglas Elliman real estate agent Omer Labock showed a tour of the studio, displaying the entire space in under a minute. Viewers were shocked, with many commenting that the apartment resembled a jail cell. When it was originally listed in December, rent was $1,975 per month. However, in April, it went up to $2,350.

Despite the high price and lack of space, someone took up the offer and rented the apartment for just four months. It was listed with Compass agent Jonathan Tauzowicz, and according to Rent Hop, the monthly rent is still 40.26% cheaper than the median rent of $3,850 for a studio apartment in Greenwich Village.

FAQs Section:

Q: How much was the rent for the apartment?
A: The rent for the apartment was listed as $2,350 per month.

Q: Is the apartment spacious?
A: No, the apartment is only 77 square feet in size with no bathroom included.

Q: Was the apartment rented by someone?
A: Yes, someone ended up renting the apartment for four months after it was listed for a higher price in April.

Q: Who rented the apartment out?
A: The apartment was listed with Compass agent Jonathan Tauzowicz.

This 77-square-foot NYC apartment rented for ,350/month
This 77-square-foot NYC apartment rented for $2,350/month

$2,350 Per Month Rental for 77-Square-Foot NYC Apartment

Manhattan’s rental market has reached new heights, with the average rent for an apartment hitting a staggering $4,200 per month in April. As a result, New Yorkers are being forced to become accustomed to some unusual living arrangements with the latest trending on TikTok. A third-floor apartment located in Greenwich Village was recently listed for rent at a relatively affordable $2,350 per month. However, for this price, tenants would only receive a tiny 77 square foot unit with no bathroom, which would have to be shared among four different tenants. Real estate agent Omer Labock, of Douglas Elliman, posted a viral video on TikTok, which continues to make the rounds. In the footage, which was recorded in December, Labock gives viewers a tour of the minute apartment, which he qualifies as “the smallest he’s ever seen.” Despite the lack of space, the apartment was quickly snatched up by a tenant, after only being available for a few weeks. While the tiny apartment may seem like a steal at only $2,350 per month, some have criticized the exorbitant rent, describing it as “a fancy jail cell.” However, the price of the unit became 40.26% cheaper than the median rent of $3,850 for a typical studio apartment in Greenwich Village, according to Rent Hop.

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