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James Kennedy’s New $1.35M LA Home Revealed on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Inside ‘Vanderpump Rules’ James Kennedy’s new $1.35M LA home

Inside ‘Vanderpump Rules’ James Kennedy’s new $1.35M LA home

James Kennedy, a well-known personality from reality TV show “Vanderpump Rules,” has recently made a change in his living arrangements without moving too far away. The DJ and rapper, Kennedy, who is 31 years old, relocated from his Los Angeles apartment that he shared with his girlfriend, Ally Lewber, who is 27 years old, to a nearby three-bedroom house. Kennedy spent $1.35 million on the property, which is situated in Burbank and spans over 1,327 square feet. According to the Sun, the new property was recently remodeled and boasts several features, including new windows, fencing, fixtures and an extra wide and long private driveway leading up to a detached garage.

The new property has a modern look and features a custom kitchen, two bathrooms, white walls and inset lighting throughout. The backyard of the home offers an in-ground pool, a patio area that is covered and grill-equipped, and numerous trees that provide privacy. Additionally, Kennedy took out a loan of $1.08 million to pay for the property.

According to the Sun, the apartment that Kennedy previously occupied on Wilshire Boulevard was listed for rent for $5,345 a month. Kennedy and Lewber showed the apartment on the show as they gave a tour to the viewers showcasing their “Tulum vibe” bedroom, several plants, DJ equipment, and a $1,500 bean bag. Kennedy stated that he does all the cooking as Ally never cooks, and the kitchen was generously sized.

FAQs about James Kennedy’s new property:

Q: How much did James Kennedy spend on his new property?
A: James Kennedy spent $1.35 million on his new property, which is situated in Burbank.

Q: What features does the new property have?
A: The new property features several upgrades such as new windows, fencing, fixtures, and a custom kitchen. It also has an in-ground pool, two bathrooms, lots of white walls, and inset lighting throughout.

Q: What did Kennedy do with his old apartment?
A: Kennedy listed his old apartment on Wilshire Boulevard for rent at a cost of $5,345 per month.

Q: What is inside Kennedy’s old apartment?
A: Kennedy’s old apartment had several unique features such as a “Tulum vibe” bedroom, numerous plants, a generously sized kitchen, and a spaceship-themed room where Kennedy kept his DJ equipment.

Q: How much did Kennedy take out as a loan for his new property?
A: Kennedy took out a loan of $1.08 million to purchase his new property in Burbank.

Inside ‘Vanderpump Rules’ James Kennedy’s new .35M LA home
Inside ‘Vanderpump Rules’ James Kennedy’s new $1.35M LA home

James Kennedy’s new $1.35M LA residence unveiled within ‘Vanderpump Rules’

“Vanderpump Rules” star James Kennedy has recently upgraded his home to a new three-bedroom house in Burbank for $1.35 million. The 31-year-old reality TV personality and British DJ and rapper previously shared a Los Angeles apartment with girlfriend Ally Lewber. According to the Sun, Kennedy secured a $1.08 million loan to purchase the property. The home boasts newly renovated features such as a new roof, windows, hardwood floors, and fencing along with a private driveway and detached garage. The landscaped backyard features an in-ground pool and a covered patio area for outdoor entertainment. The couple previously gave a tour of their old place, which included DJ equipment and a “Tulum vibe” bedroom.

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