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Living Nightmare: Couple Spends Over $240K to Remove Banksy Mural

Couple pays over $240K to have Banksy mural removed: ‘Living nightmare’

Couple pays over $240K to have Banksy mural removed: ‘Living nightmare’

UK Homeowners Pay Hefty Sum to Get Rid of Banksy Mural

A Banksy mural that appeared on the wall of a home in Suffolk has brought nothing but stress and financial burden to its owners. Garry and Gokean Coutts received the surprise of their lives when their tenants informed them that scaffolding appeared and disappeared, only to be replaced by a Banksy mural of a seagull. The graffiti artist, known for his anonymous works, had chosen the Coutts’ home as his canvas back in August 2021.

The artwork is potentially worth millions but has proven to be more of a curse than a blessing for the homeowners. The local council informed the couple that they could be held personally responsible for maintaining the mural, which could cost tens of thousands of dollars annually. The Coutts have had to hire a night watchman to guard it after part of it was stolen and an attempt was made to sell it on Facebook. Vandals were also caught with paint, apparently intending to paint over the mural.

The Coutts eventually decided to rid themselves of the burden and hired a building firm to reinforce the wall where the mural appeared. They then used a 40-foot crane to remove it in one piece at a cost of more than $60,000. The plan is to sell the artwork to recoup the costs, with a replica to be put in its place. However, onlookers have expressed disappointment that the mural is leaving, with some even claiming that it’s being stolen from the town.


What is a Banksy mural?
A Banksy mural is a graffiti art piece created by the anonymous artist known as Banksy. His works are often political and satirical.

Why did the homeowners want to get rid of the mural?
The mural brought stress and financial burden to the homeowners because they were held responsible for maintaining it, and it was at risk of vandalism and theft.

How much did it cost to remove the mural?
It cost the homeowners more than $60,000 to remove the mural using a 40-foot crane.

What will happen to the mural now?
The homeowners plan to sell the mural to recoup the costs, with a replica to be put in its place.

Why are onlookers disappointed that the mural is leaving?
Some people view the Banksy mural as a cultural treasure, and they believe its removal is akin to stealing it from the town.

Couple pays over 0K to have Banksy mural removed: ‘Living nightmare’
Couple pays over $240K to have Banksy mural removed: ‘Living nightmare’

Banksy mural removal costs couple over $240K: described as a ‘living nightmare’

A UK couple who were the unwitting owners of a Banksy mural found the piece more of a burden than a blessing, according to reports. Garry and Gokean Coutts discovered the artwork on their Suffolk property in August 2021 after scaffolding appeared, only for it to be replaced by a mural of a seagull. The couple paid roughly $247,000 to have the piece removed after a local council official said they would be responsible for maintaining it. The mural was stolen in part and almost painted over by vandals. The couple hired a firm to remove and sell the artwork and replace it with a replica.

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