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Amenities that NYC renters can do without

Here are the amenities that NYC renters can live without

Here are the amenities that NYC renters can live without

When it comes to renting in New York, there are certain amenities that are highly sought after – counter space, a view, and a nightstand, for example. However, there are a number of amenities that renters just don’t care about, according to a recent survey of 1,000 renters conducted by rental rewards membership program Piñata. Gym and pool facilities ranked particularly low on the list of priorities for NYC renters, with only 82 rental buildings out of approximately 16,000 in Manhattan boasting a pool, according to UrbanDigs. So, what do NYC renters really want? Well, it seems they’re more interested in extra space inside their apartment than private outdoor spaces or flashy “gimmicky offerings”. Many of the features offered by some of the city’s newest and most luxurious buildings are deemed unnecessary by renters, from golf simulators and yoga studios to newfangled eco-friendly features. There is a “Holy Grail of apartment living”, however – an in-unit washer/dryer – which remains elusive for many.


What amenities do NYC renters care about?

According to a recent survey, NYC renters most value having counter space, a view, and a nightstand. However, gym and pool facilities rank low on their list of priorities.

What amenities are deemed unnecessary by renters?

Many of the newest and most luxurious buildings in NYC offer flashy amenities like golf simulators, yoga studios, and eco-friendly features. However, renters often find these amenities unnecessary and prefer extra indoor space instead.

What is the most desirable feature for NYC renters?

An in-unit washer/dryer is often considered the “Holy Grail” of apartment living in NYC, but remains elusive for many renters.

Here are the amenities that NYC renters can live without
Here are the amenities that NYC renters can live without

The amenities that renters in NYC can forego.

New Yorkers seeking rental properties prioritize things like counter space, views, and a spot for a nightstand, but are less concerned about amenities like pools and gyms, according to a recent survey of 1,000 renters from rental rewards program Piñata. In fact, just 82 rental buildings in Manhattan feature a pool out of approximately 16,000 rental buildings in the area, according to data company UrbanDigs. While doormen are popular with some residents, others dislike the pressure of making small talk or feel judged by the doorman’s watchful eye. Other amenities, like in-building gyms, balconies, and showy features such as golf simulators, are often unused or even unwanted, leading to a shift towards more functional features like in-unit laundry rooms. Additionally, interest in going green is low among renters, with renters prioritizing monthly extermination services over eco-friendly features like solar panels and composting.

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